Validating connector configuration

Learn how to validate your connector configuration.

Perform the following steps to validate the configurations of a connector:

  1. Click the New Connector option in the upper right corner of the Connect Cluster page.
    The Select A Template screen appears.
  2. Go to Source Templates or Sink Templates tab based on your requirement.
  3. Select a connector.
    The Connector Form appears.

  4. Configure your connector properties or import them in JSON format.
  5. Click Validate.
    Error messages might appear below the properties where the validator found errors. If the error message is bigger than usual, then only part of the message appears in the UI, and you need to click the see more button to get the full view.
    If you delete a mandatory property for a connector and validate the configuration, the error message with the missing property name (Key) appears on top of all properties.
  6. Resolve the errors until validation passes, and then click Next.